Hello my friend, welcome to my site.

I am Longyi Cheng, a graduate student in Entertainment Technology Center, Carnegie Mellon University, learning game development.

I majored Digital Media Art for my Bachelor Degree, then developing games and websites became my greatest interest. I am proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, ActionScript, C# and Unity, and I think I am a good programmer. Well, maybe.

I also love photography, so I am familiar with Adobe PhotoShop, Premiere, After Effects, 3ds Max, and other design works, I wish I can be an artistic programmer someday. Besides, most of my spare time is spent on movies, books and trips, cause I believe either my body or my soul, there must be one on the road.

For more information, you can find me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Weibo. I am looking forward to be friend with you.

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